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  • B.CAT

    Edition: 20/20


    Inspired by the cosmic vibrational energies of the Cat, this piece is the first print of this originally hand drawn design which channeled the interstellar vibes of my late all powerful cat best friend 'B' who was an integral part in helping to manifest many creations throughout the years alongside CRP founder Erik Siador.


    Through the ages, the Cat is seen creating side by side with many artists of all types bringing peace and etheric inspiration to their creative process. The Cat though is not to be seen as cute and cuddly all the time as the Cat can also be a savage predator with linage spanning from Tigers, Lions, Panthers, Leopards, Saber Tooth Tigers to your typical house cat. Nonetheless, The Cat has many personalities which many fear or love.

    Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and limited collector edition number.


    Color: Black / Infrared reflective

    Material: Black 100% Heavyweight cotton T-shirt

    Sizing: OG box fit / Thick collar / Wide sleeves / No abdominal seams

    *Fits true to size with a thick snug fit collar. Sizing up is suggested for a looser & roomier fit.

    *All Materials Made in the USA


    Free shipping on all Domestic orders

    $60 for all International orders


    *Domestic orders please allow 2-3 weeks from the date of order for your item(s) to arrive.

    *International orders please allow 3-5 weeks from date of order for your item(s) to arrive. 


    *All sales final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

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