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  • ET.AI

    Edition: 20/20


    The once far fetched sci-fi that we watched in movies and the stories we read in comic books from childhood are now becoming reality in a very quick way. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence becoming part of our everyday lives and the abundance of recently publicized sightings of UFOs makes one reference the possibilities of future circumstances of theorized events that have been implanted into our minds due to the science fictional content and stories that kept us entertained. With AI getting smarter everyday and more reports of crashed UFOs around the world would make one wonder of the possibility of when humans decide to use AI to understand recovered data from another planet and how that data would maybe empower AI into a dominant force on this Earth.


    Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and limited collector edition number.


    Color: Black / Spaceship silver reflective

    Material: Black 100% Heavyweight cotton T-shirt

    Sizing: OG box fit / Thick collar / Wide sleeves / No abdominal seams

    *Fits true to size with a thick snug fit collar. Sizing up is suggested for a looser & roomier fit.

    *All Materials Made in the USA


    Free shipping on all Domestic orders

    $40 shipping for all International orders


    *Domestic orders please allow 3-4 weeks from the date of order for your item(s) to arrive.

    *International orders please allow 3-5 weeks from date of order for your item(s) to arrive. 


    *All sales final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

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